Hello! My name is Frank de Jonge.

I'm a multidisciplinary software developer from Amsterdam who likes to work on complex systems. You can hire me to write code and/or help you out with infrastructure.

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What I do

I'm a freelance team player

Over the years I've gained experience in creating and maintaining web applications. I've worked on some high traffic and high impact web applications, like schiphol.nl.

With a broad interest in web-development I help out companies transition their codebase and infrastructure to be more adaptable to changing business needs.

I contribute

As a member of The PHP League I provide several open source packages. As a member of the leadership group I help other people contribute and publish open source packages.

According to Packagist, the packages I've created have been downloaded at least 84,103,597 times.

I share knowledge

I'm always keen to share what I've learned. I've spoken at several international conferences, such as; Laracon EU, SymfonyLife, SymfonyCon, IstanbulPHP, PHPBenelux, Dutch PHP Conference, New Zealand PHP Conference, and SunshinePHP.

I made Flysystem

Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction layer for PHP. It's gained huge popularity and is even shipped with other successful PHP projects such as Laravel, Craft CMS and Bolt.

Working with filesystems in PHP is not complicated. However, it does force you to speak the filesystem's language. Be it using an SDK or use different arguments in certain calls. Flysystem provides one API to work with many different types of filesystems.

Some projects I've worked on


At Buma\Stemra I've been doing research and development for infrastructure. The solutions made by the new innovation teams required a new platform to run on. This became a multi-cloud multi-paradigm platform that allows for high developer independence and freedom.


Mid 2016 Schiphol launched a new website. A new way of communicating with their customers. Their hi-traffic website required expertise on many fields.

I've lead the effort of getting a CI/CD pipeline and worked on some more technical components like their ElasticSearch integration.


For NOS (the Dutch national news broadcaster) I've worked on their online publishing engine. This mostly consisted of introducing some better ways to work with databases for performance reasons. Besides that I've created some supporting systems for common maintenance tasks.

Looking for help?

If you need help developing your application, tackle scaling issues, and/or work with your team, consider hiring me. Are you interested? Email me at info@frankdejonge.nl.

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  • Frank de Jonge
  • Krooswijkhof 60
  • 1082 PA, Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • +316 2887 0003

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