Hi, my name is Frank de Jonge. Nice to meet you.

I'm a software engineer based in the Netherlands who loves designing and creating elegant solutions that align with business objectives. With experience in finance, aviation, and HR, I bring a diverse perspective to my work.

My interests include distributed systems, message-driven architecture, event sourcing, Domain-Driven Design, developer tooling, and system architecture. I enjoy crafting solutions that fit both the business and the organization.

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I’m an open-source author.

The open source software I maintain have been downloaded a total of 946,295,289 times. This comes down to 1 out of every 102 or 0,9770% of all packages ever downloaded from Packagist.


I’m the creator of Flysystem.

In 2013 I started working on Flysystem, trying to fix a problem I had. Working with different types of filesystem was a pain. By providing a unified interface for interacting with filesystems I was able to solve many of these problems. As it turned out, it also solved problems for many other people. Flysystem and all the related packages have been downloaded 642,317,290 times.

The popularity of Flysystem has far surpassed my wildest expectation. Through its success, I've been able to speak about it at conferences all around the world.

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I’m a knowledge sharer.

Sharing knowledge is an integrated part of my learning process. It helps me understand subjects on a deeper level. By doing so, I ensure I'm not a bottleneck for a team or organization. I believe this attitude, when broadly applied, helps a team scale and become more efficient.

Outside of the workplace, I share my knowledge with the community. I've spoken at several international conferences, such as; Laracon EU, SymfonyLife, SymfonyCon, IstanbulPHP, PHPBenelux, Dutch PHP Conference, New Zealand PHP Conference, and SunshinePHP.

In a more immersive knowledge sharing experience, I've given workshops to teach developers about Event Sourcing, React, and Event Storming.

I try to blog on a regular basis about the things keep me busy at work.

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I made EventSauce.

Event sourcing is a very powerful tool you can use to solve problems with software. EventSauce is a tool you can use to implement event sourcing in your application.

The library is beginning to gain some momentum, downloads are rising, a community is forming. EventSauce allows you to take control over event sourcing. It provides as simple base to start creating your event sourced model. It allows you to replace every part and is explicitly designed to get out of your way. It is as much a reference implementation as it is a tool you can use.

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I'm online.

I post opinions on Twitter. My code is on GitHub. I share stories on my Blog. You can send me an email. Or contact me on LinkedIn.