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Frank de Jonge

Sr. PHP Developer

About Me

Who I Am

As a member of The PHP league, I'm mostly known for my open-source work on Flysystem. In addition to maintaining the code, I've also spoken about it at conferences such as LaraconEU, SymfonyCon and PHPBenelux.

Open Source Profile


Filesystems are used in pretty much every application. Dealing with them can get tedious when your application needs to scale out or your need to move to other types of filesystems. Flysystem bridges the gap between filesystem implementations, allowing you to swap them on the fly.

In need of advice about a Flysystem integration? I'm available as a consultant or integrator, to help you out with your project.

The PHP League

A group of PHP developers who share a common goal; deliver quality PHP packages. Supplying solutions to common problems in a standard compliant way. Solid and well tested code is what the League is all about.

Packages from the League have been adopted by members of all the major framework related communities, of which we're very proud.

Clients & Projects

Along the way I've helped these companies and brands:

Ben & Jerry's
Super Interactive
Infostrada Sports
Pinguin Radio

Contact Me

Contact Information

Work Address

  • Studio 020
  • Donker Curtiusstraat 25c
  • 1051 JM, Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

Postal Address

  • Frank de Jonge
  • Neptunuslaan 33
  • 1562 XV, Krommenie
  • The Netherlands